The Basic Lemon Water Welcome: Life Before The Magnolia Champagne Cart

Your guests are arriving. They step into your space wearing their finest dress or sharpest suit. You greet them graciously and welcome them to the space. Your server, well dressed himself, hands them… a glass of water with lemon.

Well. That was nice. But may we suggest something a bit more…elevated for your next soiree?

At Magnolia Event Rentals, we know elevated events. We know that details can make or break them. And we know that personal, classic and classy touches, especially those that are out of the ordinary, can really bring an event up a notch (or several).

That’s why we have our Champagne Cart.

The Three Reasons Our Champagne Cart Is Your Bubbly, Event-Elevating Dream Come True

It’s a delightful twist on the welcome drink or toast. And any drinks after for that matter.

You may have an open bar, or a bartender, but some events just call for something a bit different. Having the champagne cart means that those bubbles feel even more special, and so do the people who drink them.

It’s always well attended.

We provide the attendant, the cart, and the glasses. So once you add champagne, we take care of the rest. We deliver and pick up this adorable piece so you get peace of mind as well.

Your guests will be talking about it for weeks!

How often do you go to an event with a bartender? How often do you get a glass of wine from a guy who’s popping bottle caps off of beer in the next breath?

Now, when was the last time that you saw a vintage-style champagne cart at an event? If it’s been a while, chances are the same is true of your guests.

Bringing our adorable and elevated classic champagne cart to your next event means giving your guests something they’ll be bragging about at their next dinner party or night out with friends. We’re sure they’ll love it as much as you do!

Let’s Try That Welcome Drink Again.

So, let’s try replaying that little vignette from above, this time with Magnolia Events on the case.

This time, just imagine that, as you guests cross the vestibule, your event’s well-dressed server provides them with a vintage-style fluted glass of champagne instead. They take a sip, exhale and then you approach to greet them.  They feel at ease, pampered, and truly special.

That’s Our Magnolia Events Difference

What happened there is what sets us apart. When your guest arrived this time they received an immediate message: “Welcome. We’re so glad you’ve arrived.” It lets them know that you do things a bit differently here and that’s far more lovely than “Here’s your glass of tap water with supermarket lemons.”

Our Champagne Cart comes ready to serve with an attendant and the proper number of glasses. Just add the bubbles and your event is sure to be the toast of the season.

Got a far bigger event planned? We can provide the services to match your expected guest attendance and our team always loves larger affairs.

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