Installation and Retrieval

What we offer is much more than delivery! Our collection requires specialty handling due to the fragility of some of the pieces. Because of their unique nature and large size, many of our items can be difficult to transport in a personal vehicle.

Our team is happy to work with you to ensure the safest transportation of pieces for both the driver and the rented item. Our installation and retrieval process includes the following:

  • Safe transfer of your items from the warehouse to your location by a fully trained and experienced team.
  • Set up of all large pieces to layout—included, but not limited to arbors, backdrops, lounges, tables, chairs, and benches.
  • Distribution and installation to multiple on-site locations.
  • Furniture covers to protect the collection following your event and prior to retrieval
  • Retrieval and removal of all items

We know each and every client’s needs can be different when it comes to event timelines, which is why we have developed three unique levels of services. When booking your order, your Rental Coordinator will be working with you to find the service most suitable for your needs!


Standard Service

Your order will be installed no earlier than 48 hours before your event, and/or retrieved within 48 hours after your event. Our standard service ensures our team’s arrival for on-site installation no later than 3 hours before your start time.

Ideal For

  • Venues without a specific or contractual load-in/load-out time frame

  • Clients comfortable with waiting until 7-14 days prior to their event to receive their installation and retrieval time frames

  • Private residences

Priority Service

Your order will be installed within a specific 4-hour window within 48 hours before your event, and/or retrieved within a specific 4-hour window within the 48 hours after your event.

Ideal For

  • Clients who would like to confirm their installation and/or retrieval time windows as soon as they reserve their items

  • Clients who want to specify the day and/or time frame of the arrival or retrieval of their order

  • Venues requiring same day installation

Specialized  Service

Your order will be installed and/or retrieved at your specific, requested time.

Ideal For

  • Large or complex productions that require the Magnolia Team to fit within an event schedule

  • Venues that require load-in immediately before your event

  • Venues that require load-out immediately after your event

Are you flexible on arrival and installation times, but need a specialized level of service for retrieval – or vice versa?

Not a problem – levels of service may be mix and matched in order to better meet your needs!

Contact us today for more information!