Pricing Guide

As a specialty boutique with a vast, yet unique collection, our pricing works on a piece-by-piece basis. Use the Pricing Guide below to gain a better understanding of Magnolia Event Rental offerings/capabilities.

All items come with a standard of excellent service and expertise from our team.

Pricing is based on:

Item Rental Rate + Damage Waiver + Installation + Retrieval + Sales Tax

Rental Rates:

Due to the uniqueness of our items, our prices may vary from piece to piece. Below you can see a general guideline.

  • Small Lounge Area (seats 4-6): $375-$650
  • Large Lounge Area (seats 8-10): $675-$1500
  • Upholstered Sofas: $200-$1,000
  • Upholstered Chairs: $55-$150
  • Dining Tables: $55-250
  • Dining Chairs: $4-$25
  • Bars: $250-$1500
  • Smallwares: $5-$50
  • Large Architectural Pieces (Arbors & Backdrops): $250-$1500

Minimum rental rates do apply for certain geographies. A sampling of those follows as:

  • Will Call: $150
  • New Jersey: $500
  • New York: $1,000
  • Pennsylvania: $1,000
  • Delaware: $1,000

Rental rate minimums must be reached prior to fees and taxes.

Damage Waiver:

We know that things happen and some of our items may get a little too much love. As a part of your package, a mandatory, non-refundable 10% damage waiver is added for delivery orders. For every will-call/pick-up order, a 15% mandatory, non-refundable damage waiver is added. This waiver will cover the normal wear and tear of our collection but will not cover gross negligence – such as damage caused by children with markers (yikes!) or pieces not protected from inclement weather to name a few. Already have event or wedding insurance? The damage waiver can be removed, we just ask that you provide us with a certificate of insurance.

Installation + Retrieval

Installation and retrieval of your items will be discussed during your proposal call. Our team will work with you to ensure that your pieces are delivered, set-up and retrieved based on your needs. Fees vary based on location, order size, items selected, and arrival timing.

Starting installation and retrieval fees:

  • New Jersey: $150
  • New York: $250
  • Pennsylvania: $250
  • Delaware: $250

Sales Tax:

As required by the government, sales tax must be applied to any items picked up from our warehouse or delivered in the state of New Jersey. If you have tax-exempt status, simply provide us with your tax-exempt certificate prior to confirming your order.


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