The Most Common Question We Get From Clients Planning Engagement Parties: “Where Do I Even Start?”

Engagement parties are quickly becoming the most popular events around. If you’re newly engaged (or your child is) you’ve probably wondered what to do to get started. This week we’re exploring some steps you can take to get that Engagement Party plan going.

Traditional Engagement Party Etiquette

In the past it’s traditionally been the parents of the bride who host the engagement party, is held not long after the engagement itself,  is less formal than the wedding, gifts are not required (though people inevitably bring them in many cases), toasts are given, the party has a considerably smaller guest list than the wedding, and is a chance for the future partners to greet their guests individually. All that tradition is worth mentioning and, at the end of the day, it’s up to the couple and their families (if they’re involved in the planning) to decide how to throw this party.

So what can you do as you plan your engagement party?

Let Your Love Story Inspire Your Engagement Party

While some couples might think they need to pick a “theme” for their engagement party, most often the trends point to adding personal touches to the party that captures parts of the couple’s story.

Met at a football game? Maybe you’ll capture your favorite team in a party favor. Had your first date at a Seafood Restaurant on the beach? Perhaps you’ll serve ceviche as an hors d’oeuvre. Love to sit and watch the fireworks on the 4th of July?

However you choose to incorporate your story into your event, it will be sure to capture the hearts of your guests and will be an awesome memory for you and your partner.

Keep It Classy But Perhaps A Bit Casual (This Isn’t Your Wedding, After All)

Even if you’re going for a black-tie wedding, you may want to make the Engagement Party a bit more casual than the wedding itself. You’re certainly going to want delicious food in a lovely location but you don’t need to be overly formal to get either of those things checked off of your list. This allows guests to feel more intimate and gives you the chance to relax a bit as well. Whether you opt for an elevated cocktail hour and sit down dinner, a vineyard light-fare event, or a low key backyard affair, you can really do as you please with the Engagement party because it’s a more personal event.
Speaking of which…

Invite People Who Will Be Invited To The Wedding And Greet Them Personally

While some “traditional etiquette” suggestions might feel limiting for couples, most event planners will tell you that your guest list for the Engagement Party should only include guests who will also be invited to the wedding. You’re the decision maker, but this choice ensures that no one is surprised by not receiving a wedding invite. Keeping the Engagement Party guest list shorter than the wedding guest list ensures you can greet all guests personally as well!

Find Florals, Decor, and A Photographer To Capture All The Visual Beauty Of Your Event

Once you’ve found your location, made your guest list, and found some amazing food, you’ll probably want to find those finishing touches that will stick to the walls of your guests’ memories for years to come!

From custom event florals to vintage-inspired and modern classic decor, to a remarkable photographer who knows how to capture all of those dream-worthy moments, Magnolia Makes Engagement Party Dreams Come True.

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