As we begin to venture out into the stages of reopening our country following the COVID-19 pandemic, we see more availability for your events to take place! We couldn’t be more excited to get back into creating incredible events just in time for some beautiful summer weather. Today, we are sharing all of our tips and tricks on how to successfully host your backyard events, whether you are celebrating a birthday, graduation, bridal shower or holiday party, we’re ready to dive into the planning process to offer a seamless experience. 

Step #1: Understanding the Laws + Regulations

It is important to continue to abide by your state laws and enforcements. Become familiar with regulations on the number of guests you are allowed to have at your event. This is important to keep your guests safe and avoid any fines or getting your event shut down. 

Step #2: Secure Your Location

We are so excited to have the opportunity of getting creative with our outdoor events this summer! Your state may allow venues that offer outdoor spaces to set up a tent, or you may just choose to use your own backyard; either way your outdoor set up can become beautiful as we transform it with decor and florals!

Step #3: Decor + Florals (Our favorite part!)

Transforming your outdoor space with decor and florals will truly make your guests feel great, especially after being quarantined for so long! Your event can feel like a venue in itself with added lounges, bars, photo opportunities and more! It’s amazing how beautiful an outdoor event can be with added florals to truly tie everything together. Check out our instagram for some inspiration as we are continuing to post our outdoor events that we are hosting this summer!

Step #4: Enjoy!

With an event company, it is so easy to have your event created and produced for you as it can significantly take that stress away from you. Magnolia Events is so excited to be working with such amazing people this summer to kick off a new beginning and celebrate those who have had to cancel or reschedule important life events due to the coronavirus. We can’t wait to make the best of this situation and create incredible events for our newlyweds, graduates and more!