Ready For The Scroll-Stopping Photoshoot You’ve Been Daydreaming Of? We’ve got you!

Scroll Envy

So there you are, scrolling through Instagram or flipping your thumb over posts on Facebook when you see it. That girl with the perfect photos. Again.  Honestly, she looks great, (of course) but how did she find such a perfect place to take these shots?! And why don’t your photos look like that? And Why can’t you stop staring?


If you’ve ever had Instant Instagram envy or felt a twinge of fantasy hit you as you pour over a set of photos on Facebook, you know what we mean.


Honestly, we don’t know where your Facebook friend took those photos. But we know where you’ll be taking your scroll-stopping shots. Right here.

Photos In A Warehouse? Really?

It may seem strange to suggest that you have your next photo shoot at a warehouse in Howell. But only if you’ve never seen Magnolia’s palatial space. Only if you’ve never met our magic-making staff who transform our blank canvas into your visual dream.


Whether you’re in the market for some elevated engagement photos, a catalog shoot for your newest line, or some professional website photos that really match your audience and brand voice, we’ve got you.


Our amazing one-of-a-kind vintage pieces include everything from our mini golf-cart, to hand-carved wood tables, to a swoon-worthy back-lit bank of post office boxes that you need to see to believe.

But, I Don’t Have A Photographer!

Never fear! We’ve got some amazing photographers who love our space too, including our amazing in-house photographer Kier Gluck.


But, Will There Be Flowers?

Finally, if fantasy floral installations would bring your vision to life, we can make that happen too!


The truth is, your next photo shoot is a dream now but it can be your reality sooner than you think.


Let’s Make That Dream A Reality. ASAP.

If you’re ready to have your next shoot at Magnolia, or you want us to bring our pieces to you for your own on-location shoot, fill out our contact form here.

If you’re thinking about waiting until closer to your selected date, we suggest filling out the form now as our summer and fall are filling up fast!


We can’t wait to make your photoshoot dreams come true!