Happy August All!

This month is jam-packed and we have lots of amazing things to share with you. 

We’re going to give you some essential tips for destination weddings next week.  

And then we’ll dive deep on one of our favorite wedding venues to plan for: Barns! 

If you’re planning a barn wedding or even just dreaming of one, you’re in luck! We’ll use this month’s two-part blog series to cover all thing “Barn Wedding”. Since Magnolia Event Rentals also offers expert event planning, we’ll go over how to plan for weddings at this type of venue. From what questions to ask, to where in NJ to start your search, to why you should send photos of a certain venue feature to your guests ahead of time (more on that later) we’ll have you ready for that rustic and refined wedding you’ve been dreaming of. 

But first, it’s been a while since we highlighted something special from the warehouse. And we totally miss doing that. So, we wanted to introduce one of the newest pieces in our Magnolia Event Rentals Collection: Scotty, our “Mobile Mixer”.

Scotty is a renovated and restored vintage 1967 camper that our team converted into a customizable event on wheels. 

We think our Magnolia Events audience members are some of the most creative people out there. But we also thought it would be pretty helpful to tell you a little bit about Scotty to give you a few chic and fun ways to make her a part of your next event.

And, whether you want her to be your bar-on-wheels or a backdrop for your next photo shoot, we’re here to make it happen. So, reach out to us any time by sending us a message here

Now, let’s get to it!

Scotty: The Mobile Mixer That’s At Your Service

Scotty’s a transformed camper that we like to call our mobile mixer, and with good reason. She has her own generator and while you can rent her on her own, you can also ask us to add things like plastic cups and juices to get you started mixing up your favorite cocktails in a jiffy. 

She’s refined, refurbished, and ready to go. 

What Kind Of Events Does Scotty Do?

Scotty’s an adventurer at heart and your next event will definitely be a totally fabulous one with her there. Vintage Campers like Scotty are popping up all over the country at weddings, photoshoots and other special events. The vintage and yet “of-the-moment” feeling you get from having her at your event is unlike any other. 

We’ve seen people turn campers into photo backdrops, a lounging area for the wedding party, and even a relaxing spot for guests to get off their feet after dancing their hearts out. And we just love all of these awesome ideas.

You can use Scotty’s countertops and built-in serving space to offer guests things like wine and ice cream. And because she’s a bit of a blank slate, if you have a unique way you’d like to make this camper yours for the day we’re totally open to collaborating with you to make that happen!

So, whether it’s a brand marketing campaign, an engagement party, a vintage-inspired cocktail party, or even a special family event like a birthday, you can be sure your guests will love having Scotty along for the adventure.

Can You Customize Her?

Of course!

Scotty has that Magnolia vintage flair and lots to offer. You can add things like custom florals, personalized calligraphy signs, glistening lighting, and cups or other finishing touches. 

We love adding a custom chalkboard, tables, and lovely chairs with adorable place settings. Custom florals to accent the camper as you sit and sip would be divine. And the soft golden glow of outdoor hanging lights strung up to the exterior would really complete Scotty’s full-service experience for your guests.

While that’s only one way to make her shine, you can find lots of awesome inspiration on the Knot. Looking at their “Real Weddings” section or scrolling through some local event venues, you’ll definitely come up with some shots of campers like Scotty. 

When you’re done scrolling, just let us know and we’ll handle the details of bringing Scotty to your event. We know you’ll fall head over heels for her!

How Can You Bring Her To Your Next Event?

This is the easy part. Magnolia Event Rentals does more than just rent you the items. We can deliver them, provide some of the accessories, and even plan your event for you.


If you’d like to rent Scotty or just want to get started planning your next event, you can drop us a line on our contact form here.  

We can’t wait to hear from you!