It’s one of the biggest decisions you’ll make for your wedding or big event: Should we have it indoors or out?


If you live in the Northeastern U.S. in December, that decision might be quite simple. But for others, it can be a tough one.


Here at Magnolia Event Rentals, we don’t think you have to choose one or the other… at least not completely. So today we’re sharing some ways you can bring the outdoors inside for your wedding or next awesome event.


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In the meantime, enjoy these unique ways to make your indoor wedding or event feel just a bit more like the great outdoors.

You Can Bring The Greenery Inside

From tent-post trees to potted plants you can literally bring trees and plants indoors in beautiful pots for your wedding or event.


This is a great idea for weddings where the elements are a focal point and for couples or hosts who want to make a statement with unique pieces.


You Can Go Green With Your Photo-Op or Ceremony Spot

Another way to bring the outdoors in is to introduce florals as the focal point of the ceremony spot. You can do this with things like arbors, archways, greenery-wrapped railings and the like. Maybe you want to add Indoor trellises or moss walls to your ceremony or reception space so that the photos your guests take look lush and lovely. 

You Can Bring The Outdoors To The Table 

Have you considered using natural wood to display things like table numbers? How about greenery-wrapped candles? Stunning local flowers at each place setting?


While we love the classic centerpieces that grace many wedding guest tables, trying some of these other tabletop ideas will help your event stand out in your guests’ memories for years to come.

You Can Go Big With Aerial Installations

If you haven’t seen an aerial installation before, you’ve got to search it on Pinterest. These gorgeous pieces bring an absolutely unforgettable touch to any event and we know they’ll be like a dream come true for you.


The best part? You can use everything from grasses and greenery to florals and branches to make your aerial installation unique and eye-catching.

Or Focus on The Little Things: Sweetheart Tables, Florals, Drinks, And Even Table Runners

Finishing touches are some of our favorites. From cake accent florals to edible flowers in drinks, to floral table runners and literal floor florals, there are so many ways to bring the outside indoors. And it can all be done in a way that amplifies your personal style and stays true to your vision for the event. 

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