What in the world? A whole blog about… grass?

No, we haven’t lost our minds. At least not quite yet. We’re just really feeling pompous grass this season. It’s a nonfloral classic that’s totally having a moment right now. The best part? You don’t need to be going for a beachy or boho look to make it work for your event.


Whether you’re truly boho-chic, love all things vintage, or just know you never go wrong with a classic, pampas grass gives you the chance to express your style and make everything about your next event even more beautiful.


So how can you make it your own? Today we’re diving into 5 ways to use pampas grass at your wedding. But the truth is that you can use these tips for any event you might be hosting as well.


So let’s get started, shall we?

Use Pampas To Pamper Your Guests As They Enter Your Venue, Take Photos or  Explore The Ceremony Space

Using Pampas Grass in archways, over doorways, in your lounge or as part of your ceremony space can add a touch of class to your space and bring your guests into the experience in a single moment.


Place Pampas Grass Tableside or Set It Up At Center Stage

You can use Pampas on the ends of the head table, sweetheart table, or place it at the center of your guest tables to add a unique touch to your wedding florals.


Pampas can be used in its lengthy and tall forms or shortened to suit any vases or holders you might want to use. And when you hire a floral designer, they can help you decide how to arrange your pampas so it makes the best statement for your wedding day.


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Let Lots of This Gorgeous Grass Grace Your Perfect Selfie or Photo Spot

You’ve seen those greenery walls that pop up on social media. You can achieve a similar but more unique effect by adding pampas to your event’s selfie spot or favorite spots for a photo-op.


Looking for a way to go over-the-top without looking gaudy? Pampas is such an elegant grass that you can use lots of it without it being “too much” for your guests.

Or Delicately Place a Single Plume In Bouquets To Make Them Pop

While we’ve seen wedding bouquets and installations full of pampas, we know it’s not for everyone. Even adding a single plume of the grass can add a sophisticated touch that makes the bouquet an instant one-of-a-kind piece and sets your florals apart in a snap.


Let It Lead You Down the Aisle or Float It Overhead

Lining the aisle with pampas or hanging installations above the ceremony space gives a gorgeous golden effect to your venue and can add to the wonder of your big day.


Pampas aerial installations are ethereal and graceful touches. But, for peace of mind, be sure you hire a professional to design and install them.

Ready To Bring Pampas To Your Wedding or Event? Let Us Create Something Just For You!

While these are great tips, your wedding planner and floral designer can help you decide which options will really elevate your wedding and reception.


If you’re ready to get started, we can help you make your wedding as unique, sophisticated, and stunning as you.


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