Spring And Summer Are Beautiful Seasons For Floral Design And Installation

Last Week you learned a bit about the season’s best bets for floral designs. This week we’re back in Travis’ wheelhouse to show you one of the biggest trends in floral designing, installations. Today we’ll show you five gorgeous ways to make this of-the-moment approach to florals a perfect match for your next event.

Five Types Of Floral Designs And Installations You’ll Fall In Love With


  • Arbors


An arbor is an installation that serves as an accent or a focal point at any event. Arbors provide structure for flowers that either grows on them or weave into them. If you’re anything like us you’ve probably gone gaga over those quaint and charming photos of the wisteria growing on an old cottage door frame. But, how can you make that work for your next event? How about a custom-made arbor with flowers that will compliment your color scheme? Magnolia’s got you. And yes, you can have an arbor at your next event whether you have that perfect green thumb or not.


  • Tent Pole Loops And Free Standing Pillars  


Having a tent party? We should totally make the guest list. We’ll create beautiful looped installations to beautify your tent poles. And we can definitely spruce up those free-standing pillars at your indoor event too. By adding florals in unexpected places, you’ll show your guests you have a keen eye and are always attentive to every last detail (Of course, you won’t have to be. Travis will take care of that!).

No doubt in our minds: Those subtle and lovely touches are sure to get noticed at your next party.


  • Arches (Moons, Circles, and More)


Just like an arbor, arches are installations that provide structure to a floral arrangement. We’ve created everything from squares, to moons, to half arches and whole ones.  Arches are great photo-worthy spots and can bring a splash of color to your next event.


  • Ceremony Backdrops (The Chuppah And Beyond)  


Sometimes nature meets function and our ceremony backdrops are no exception. Whether you want a beautiful greenery wall or a swoon-worthy Chuppah, our florals will bring you the ceremony backdrop of your dreams.  


  • Ceiling Suspended Installations (Literally High-End Florals)


Ready to bring your event florals to new heights? Cheesy line aside, one of the biggest things in florals at the moment is to get them high. Ceiling-suspended florals add a dash of imagination to any event. Allowing a beautiful lush arrangement to float above your guests as they dance, drink, and dine at your next soiree will surely be a hit. And the photos will prove it. There’s nothing like shooting for the moon with your florals and ceiling suspension is one way to get there.

Why Pick Magnolia Event Rentals For Your Floral Design And Installations?

You can pick all the flowers you want. Go for it! Just don’t forget to pick our Magnolia team while you’re at it!

There’s a lot to know when it comes to floral arrangements and installations. Our resident floral designer Travis takes care of all of that for you. He’s a floral artist with the knowledge and ability to bring your dreams to life.

You can see Travis’ work in our Event Florals Gallery. And, if your eyes can’t get enough of his amazing flower design, be sure to drop us a line by filling out our contact form, and we’ll connect.

Your next event has to have the floral magic it deserves!