Part Two Of Our Two-Part Barn Wedding Blog Series Wedding Planner Secrets for a Barn Wedding 

Last week we went over all the best questions to ask when you begin your search for the perfect barn wedding venue. Today we’re going to share a few quick tips for planning the big day and share a few beautiful barn venues in our home state of New Jersey. 

If you see those places and you want to find something just as lovely a bit closer to your home, check out The Knot. There you can search for venues near your own zip code and even narrow them down based on whether they have a barn or not!

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But for now, let’s get to those tips and those unforgettable venues!

Wedding Planner Tips For The Perfect Barn Wedding 

Don’t Forget That It’s outside or outside-ish 

This one might seem like a silly reminder but sometimes it bears repeating. Whether you choose a more rural setting or one a bit closer to the city, most barns have at least an element of nature or the outdoors going on. This may mean smaller more “rustic” bathroom accommodations or a less insulated barn area. And sometimes it’s a hike to get from one part of the venue to another.

It’s also good to know if there will be concrete walkways and it’s essential to let your guests know as much about the venue as you can so that they can decide how to prepare for the day. As we said in last week’s post: Take photos so that there aren’t any surprises there.

And It’s Not Exactly A Formal Ballroom Affair

Chances are that if you are even considering a barn wedding, you may be going for a more laidback feeling for your big day. Barns are not formal ballrooms and so you can dress accordingly.

The guys can try more casual linen or lighter-weight fabric.
Ladies, this isn’t really stiletto time, especially if you have to shimmy into a porta-potty to use the facilities.

It’s also good to let your guests know how they might dress most comfortably and appropriately.

And you and your partner should also take the setting into account when selecting and tailoring your attire for the day. 

The Weather Can Impact The Day. And You Can Be Prepared.

Whether you’re protected from the elements or not when you are in the venue, getting to and from a particular location may expose you and your guests to the elements. It may be cute to have umbrellas to borrow if rain is expected or to offer blankets to borrow if it might get chilly. These little touches prepare you for your day and will be much appreciated by your guests. We’re sure.

Add Pieces Of Your Love Story To The Perfect Day and Lean Into Your Setting

Most people will tell you to customize your event to your love story and a barn wedding is no exception. Favors, place settings, table numbers, songs, florals, and even the special vintage pieces you select and curate can all help to tell your story. And isn’t that the reason you’re there anyway?

And You Don’t Have To Go it Alone

Your wedding day should be one that you remember. It should be a day you spend with those you love, celebrating love. If you’re feeling overwhelmed with all of the things that need to get done, all the questions you need to ask, and all of the things that must be coordinated to make it an awesome day, We can help.

Our Barn Wedding Bonus

As a special treat this week, we’re sharing some lovely barn wedding venues in our home state. We can certainly work with you if you’re outside of New Jersey, but we think this list might spark some inspiration for you as you begin to plan and prep for your wedding day.

A Final Note On Barn Weddings

Honestly, there’s so much to do when you decide to get married, whether you have a barn wedding or not.


We love planning events and we’d love to plan your day. We’d also love to curate the just-right pieces that will go perfectly with your venue, guests, and love story. 


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And without further ado, here are a few beautiful barn venues to check out in our home state of New Jersey.

Beautiful Barn Venues In New Jersey

The Hamilton Manor 

The Barns At Locust Hall

Mayfair Farms

The Loft at Jack’s Barn

Fell Stone Manor

Wood’s Edge Farm

Cecil Creek Farm

Waterloo Village


Updike Farmstead

Bearbrook Valley

Perona Farm