The Art Of Naming Vintage Pieces

The Magnolia team loves to name our pieces. It’s really our way of expressing our affection for these unique pieces while acknowledging the feeling, style, grace, and personality that each piece brings to your event. Naming pieces, especially vintage pieces is an art for us. It requires an understanding of what the piece brings to the table (including our pieces that are actually tables…) and the impression that the piece will provide to those who bring it to their event. Last week you met our Maggie mini golf cart and now we’d like to introduce you to Brittany.

The Sophisticated History Of Brittany’s Emerald Hue

It’s a color that brings us visions of the cliffs of Ireland, the classic palace interiors of London, or the posh and trendy living rooms of the Upper East Side. Emerald hues are undeniably regal, fashionable, and simply stunning. It’s also worth mentioning that emerald has historically been used to represent unconditional love and success as well. Known to have been a favorite among the royal ruling class, the emerald held a special place in the heart of Queen Cleopatra of Egypt thousands of years ago. The tone still brings a touch of sophistication and, just as recently as 2018, Princess Eugenie of York dazzled onlookers in an emerald tiara at her highly publicized wedding in the United Kingdom. It’s no wonder, then, that this jewel-tone hue is popping up and setting the tone for some of today’s most fashionable and fantastic events.


Our Brittany Sofa is no exception. We wanted an emerald piece that checked all the boxes (vintage, on-trend, sleek and soft, visually lovely) and Brittany delivers every time.


While she is a classic, there’s nothing stale about the vibe that Brittany can bring to any event. Unlike other vintage sofas that look their age, Brittany appears to have truly found the fountain of youth, or at least a great surgeon. She’s in magnificent shape and is spectacularly well cared for by our staff. (We really do love our pieces to pieces!). As a Magnolia girl, Brittany is absolutely, positively anything but ordinary. Brittany, far from being a simple or pretentious vintage piece, is a sleek sofa that elevates any room she enters. From to contemporary or modern, to bohemian and ethereal, to minimalist and clean, to of-the-moment-vintage (which is, of course, our specialty) Brittany can serve as an accent or as a statement piece in your lounge or event space.


What’s more? She photograph’s beautiful. We’ve had clients use her for their photoshoots for everything from engagements, to receptions, to birthdays and each time our fancy and faithful Brittany just shines. The details of her legs come across as crisp as the rich, silky sheen of her upholstery, and she’s so comfy you may not want to get up once you settle in.


During one recent conversation, our photographer Kiersten told us that she was in love with how Brittany came through on the other side of the lens. And we definitely agree. The couch has this revelatory rich saturated green that just soaks into any shot. The best part: This lovely touch of color comes across regardless of the style of the event photographs. So, whether you’re going for cool neutrals with a pop of color, or are ready to spice it up with a mix of bold, statement-makers, Brittany is your girl!


While there’s no limit to the way Brittany can show up to your next event, we have some ideas we’re just dying to share.


Brittany Can Make Your Next Event Unforgettable

Let’s say you’re on the fence about renting a couch at all for your next event. Maybe you’re not sure how a couch might bring something to your event, whatever it might be. Well, we at Magnolia think Brittany would be a perfect guest at your next event as a unique and cozy approach to the couple’s table at your wedding reception. If you’re not sold on the “lounge” idea that’s been a recent trend at weddings receptions as of late, this is an awesome way to do something outside of the box that gives your guests a taste of exactly who you are. Maybe you’re a babe or gent who truly loves all things vintage (we’re right there with you by the way!) a couch like Brittany gives a glamorous but classic vintage touch to your truly timeless engagement shoot. If you’re ready to take on that “It” girl or guy status while keeping it laid back, Brittany can be your fun and flirty partner in crime at your next birthday bash. Honestly, it’s not every day that your guests get to luxuriate on a cozy and refined couch while sipping something lovely. However you decide to bring Brittany to an event, it will be an awesome way to create unforgettable memories and that’s what she’s here for.


Get To Know Brittany

While we love a “good vibe” story, sometimes we need specifics too. So, let’s give you’re the details on all things Brittany! The Dominque Sofa offers a plush and structured feel to your next event. She is upholstered with emerald-green crushed velvet. Her smoothed but detailed construction and woodwork add to the majesty of the piece and its ability to make a statement in any event space. She’s got a sturdy but not bulky build and her details are dreamily high-end, not overly distracting. Brittany’s expert design comes complete with dainty and beautiful tufting. The details give her a touch of refinement and her comfort and style make her an amazing vintage marvel that you’ll love to spend time with too!


Already Love Her? Ready To Bring Brittany To Your Next Event?

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See her in all her royal glory here

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