Boutique Vintage Style Event Florals For Spring And Summer

You’re ready to bring your guests the next big thing at your event. You know the Pantone color of the year. You’ve picked out the right silverware to compliment your color scheme. You’ve chatted with Stephanie, our fearless founder about all of the intricate, delicate, and elevated touches you’re going to add to that next soiree. Now you’re ready to talk flowers. But from ranunculus to peonies, you don’t even know where to start.

Well, you can certainly check in with the team at Magnolia for all things floral because our floral designs are stunning, vintage-inspired, and of-the-moment chic. If you want to know what’s happening in florals this year, read on!

Let’s Talk Floral Design!

Our resident floral designer Travis sat down with our pocket-size copywriter Nicole to talk all things floral for Spring-Summer 2019. The two explored why spring and summer are spectacular times to bring florals to your next even and Travis shared how his passion fuels his creative process. Here’s what we’ve learned and what it means for your next Magnolia Event!

What’s In Style For Floral’s This Season?

Travis shared that his favorite things about spring and summer florals are some you might also love.

Can’t get enough of butterfly watching?

Love the smell after it rains?

In love with that lime-tinted green color that makes floral pieces spring to life this time of year?

So does our floral designer. And Travis shared three absolute musts for spring and summer florals that you just can’t afford to miss if you’re hosting an event this season.

High Impact, Large Volume Floral Arrangements, Magnolia Events Style

The awesome thing about following floral trends is that you don’t need to be afraid to be “too trendy”. High impact, large volume florals are “on trend” right now for the same reason that Pantone chose “Living Coral” as it’s color of the year in 2019: It’s effortlessly stunning. So if you’re feeling nervous about dipping your toes into the big-face-floral fun… don’t be.

Travis told us the secret to making these florals work for any event is all about incorporating big, full, and statement-making florals with your color scheme and the tone of your event. Mixing these voluminous floral conversation pieces with understated flowers as a compliment will ensure that you don’t take things too far. And having an expert like Travis create the designs = a sure fire way to get it right

Lush, Green, Gorgeous Florals For Your Next Get Together

Not a big fan of over-the-top, big face florals? Are they not the vibe you’re going for? If you’re hip, natural, and understated sophistication is looking for something a bit more refined and simple for your event, we’d suggest going lush, green and minimalist-chic for your event or photo shoot.

In fact, scrolling Instagram lately, you’re sure to find plenty of bountiful green beautiful florals to spark your imagination. Ready to turn your greenery dream into a lush verdant reality? Let us know and we’ll get Travis on it, right away.

Weather-Ready Plans Are Always In Style


While those who opt for winter chilled events may need to dodge snowstorms, spring and summer event planners just need to dodge some raindrops. One floral tip that’s sure to never go out of style? Plan for rain, hope for sunshine.

One of the things Travis drove home when the discussion turned to event planning, was that having floral designs and installations that will compliment indoor and outdoor parties is totally doable. Want that archway outside. Perfect. If you have perfect weather. Be sure you’re ready with rain-related plans in case the sky doesn’t cooperate on your event date. As for the stunning florals, leave that to Travis and the Magnolia team.

The Look And Feel Of Spring And Summer Florals

Whether you’re a ranunculus fan, or an anemone lover, sweet pea sweetheart, or just love the look of green-soaked arbors, Travis let us know, he’s got you.  When Nicole asked him what he loves most about his work, Travis mused that he loved “The opportunity to design and execute what someone has thought of probably since they were 4-5 years old, I get to do that. It’s not just showing up and doing it. It’s doing it the best.”

And we couldn’t agree more. Travis does it best. His floral designs are refined, creative, and one-of-a-kind. Whether you’re holding a mid-day garden party or a candle-lit summer dream evening, he’ll offer you the freshest, most beautiful blooming pieces to make the event unforgettable. And because he’s part of the team, you’ll have access to our entire warehouse, full of unique pieces to compliment those divine floral arrangements and installments.

Bring It From Your Mind’s Runway To Your Next Soiree And Even Your Guests Next Brag-Sesh

To see more of Travis’ work, you can check out our floral gallery here.

If you’re ready to work with Travis and the Magnolia Events team to bring florals and vintage-style elegance to your next event, fill out our contact form here and we’ll be in touch!