It’s Part One Of Our Two-Part Barn Wedding Series!

If you swoon over barn weddings as much as we do, you’re going to love this blog and next week’s blog. The possibilities for styling a barn wedding are really endless. You could go classic, rustic, vintage, chic, or even a bit boho. And you can let the natural location of your venue guide your florals and other touches as well.

Barn weddings are often more laid-back or at least less traditional than other weddings. And the venues often have different standard packages or offerings for those who book with them. That’s why we’re spending our blog this week providing useful questions to ask: This isn’t your typical wedding venue and each barn venue has different amenities.

You’ll need to know quite a bit about your wedding venue, have your paperwork in order, and let your guests know what to expect. (We’ll cover those tips in next week’s blog) But first, you’ll have to find the perfect location for your barn wedding. And that’s exactly what we’ll focus on today.

While having a barn wedding means you’ll need to be on top of your game when it comes to planning, you don’t have to do that alone. Here at Magnolia Event Rentals, we offer event planning that takes you from beginning to end with ease. (Fill out our contact form here to get started!)

For now, though, let’s get to our list of questions you should ask when you’re booking a Barn Wedding venue!

Questions To Ask Your Barn Wedding Venue 

Can we bring in our own outside catering company or even food cooked by our family? Do you have a kitchen here?

Knowing what to expect from the food situation at your location is essential. If there’s a caterer that you need to use, an alcoholic beverage policy, a restriction on glassware for certain locations, or a lack of running water in certain parts of the event space, it’s essential to know that ahead of time. 


When can we get there to set up and when does everything need to be cleared away? What hours do we truly have the space for the event?

Will you be able to pop in the evening before and begin to set up for your big day? Will you have only an hour or two prior to the event to prepare? Knowing what sort of timetable your working with before you sign your contact will help you decide if you’re happy to say “Yes” to an event space.


What is parking like? How far is it from the event space?

It’s essential to know if you have a barn or reception site on the farm that’s far from the parking area. It may not be a deal-breaker, but it’s the knowledge you and your guests may need to decide on attire and footwear.

How far is the reception area from the place where our ceremony will take place? How will we get there and back if it’s pretty far?

It’s important to know if you’ll need transportation from the ceremony site to the reception site or if you’ll need to transport guests from your parking lot to the ceremony or reception site. It’s also helpful to know what kind of transportation is allowed or would make the most sense.


What’s walking around like? What footwear do you suggest for guests? And what about guests with special mobility needs? (Ex: Canes, wheelchairs, guide dogs, etc.)

Speaking of walking, one of our pro-tips may seem like a silly one. But we promise it’s worth it.  Take a photo of the walkway or path to the venue. Showing guests what it looks like to walk around a venue can help them decide what to wear. 

Also, if you have guests who have mobility differences, it’s important to talk to the venue about what can be done to go about making things accessible for everyone.

How’s the Wi-Fi and cell service here? 

Technology counts too. Whether it’s a DJ who needs to connect to Wi-Fi or a nervous aunt that needs to give driving directions to her daughter, you want your guests to be able to communicate. Knowing the cell service and Wi-Fi capabilities of a space can be important for many events.


Are there noise/sound ordinances in the area?

Some farms are in rural areas and others are more residential. It’s important to ask the venue if there are noise ordinances because sometimes weddings are louder than you might think. Not to mention receptions! And it is, after all, a time to celebrate.

Where else on location would be well-suited for photography, besides the barn?

We love a good barn. But it’s helpful to know the other picture-worthy spots available at the venue. Make sure you’ll have access to them and take a walk over to check them out if you can. This information might also be helpful to your photographer. So, keep them in the loop.


Do you have shaded areas? Ventilation or fans? Air-conditioning or Heat?

Depending on the season, this may be less of a consideration. But, be sure you understand how your venue can help with extreme temperatures and ventilation so all of your guests stay comfortable.


What is the bathroom situation?  How many? What style? And are they accessible for people with special needs?

It’s important to know if a venue offers in the way of restroom facilities. Not all spaces have the same types or number of facilities as traditional venues.

How will we power our party? Do you have lots of electrical outlets? Where and how many?

It’s valuable for you and your vendors (Ex: Band, DJ, and even caterer) to know where things can be plugged in within the event space.

How close are hotels, bed and breakfasts, or other accommodations?

Knowing how far away you and your guests will stay from the venue helps you to prepare them and plan the journey yourself.

Do you require that we use your caterer or other vendors?

Some sites may have suggested or required vendors and this is a very important piece of information to know before you sign your contract.

-What exactly do you supply and what will we need to bring in?
From chairs and tables to silverware and a dancefloor, some venues provide you with everything and others do not. It’s essential to discuss what’s provided with the venue so that every detail is accounted for.

Also, be sure you understand all parts of the contract you’re signing


Will you work with our wedding planner?

If you’ve decided to make your life easier by hiring a wedding planner, it’s important to work with a venue that is open to collaborating and keeping all parties in the loop. 

 What else should we know about your services or the venue itself?

The venues have done this before. So, ask them: What should you know about their space or the services they provide? What are the big things you should know or do to make the most of this venue and the beautiful location?

Whew! We Covered a Lot of Ground! 

As you read those questions, you probably noticed that there’s so much planning to do, so many questions to ask, and so much to organize when planning a barn wedding. We’ve found that it’s definitely simpler and less stressful for those who work with an event planner.


 If you’re ready to get some support with all of this planning, we’re here for you. We can lend our planning expertise to your perfect barn wedding and take some of the pressure of you. That way you’ll truly enjoy your big day!


You can use our contact form to let us know when you’re ready to get started, and we’ll be happy to help!