Do you miss the days of handwritten letters? So do we! There’s something so personal and loving about receiving a handwritten note or card and that’s why we’re spending our blog today talking about a way to bring that personal touch to your wedding: Calligraphy.


Whether you’re looking to make Calligraphy a staple of your big day or just want to use it to add a simple personal touch to the event, you’ll find that this blog highlights 7 key places to use calligraphy at your wedding.


And if you’re ready to hire a calligrapher, let us know on our contact form and we’ll help you bring some lovely lettering to your next event.


So now, on to those 7 places to use calligraphy on your big day!

You Can Use Calligraphy On Your Event’s Paper Items

From invitations, to thank yous, to ceremony programs, and save the dates, the most obvious place to use calligraphy is on the paper that makes your wedding happen.


Adding calligraphy to any or all of these pieces can help to add an elegant touch and a personal feel to each piece of your event.


You Can Use It Anywhere You Use Your New Initials

Another common way to add calligraphy to your big day is to make your initials a thematic part of your big day. Whether you have your initials in your invitations, on your place settings, on your cake, or as a backdrop for your sweetheart table, calligraphy can elevate the look of your new initials as they appear throughout your wedding day.

You Can Use It For Wedding Ceremony And Venue Signs

Those stunning chalkboards, labels for the food at your wedding buffet or sweet table, a signature drink sign, or an arrow sign pointing guests in the right direction: The possibilities for using calligraphy at the ceremony or reception site are endless.


Remember to keep the style of calligraphy consistent so it’s visually beautiful on the big day.

You Can Use It On Menus, Seating Charts, and Table Numbers 

Adding a hand-drawn seating chart or some table number calligraphy is an intricate and thoughtful touch for any wedding.


While you should reserve your calligrapher well ahead of time, you may want to consider having your calligrapher on hand that day for quick fixes or last-minute touches.

You Can Use It On Your Cake Topper Or When You Decorate Your Sweet Table

You’ve definitely seen them. You’ve probably pinned them on Pinterest or saved them on The Knot too!

Those fine-detail carved-wood calligraphy cake toppers, the hand-etched calligraphy cupcake letters, and the list goes on. Personalized calligraphy touches on your sweet table and cake can make your desserts even more decadent.

You Can Use It On Favors

And finally, of course, you can use calligraphy on the tags for your wedding favors. Adding a finishing touch to those parting tokens is a great idea to ensure your guests are leaving a lasting memory.

Do You Need A Calligrapher? Let Us Know!

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