You’re engaged. But you’re not in a rush. Which is awesome. But if you’ve got a dream-wedding vision in mind, waiting too long to act on it could be a disaster for your dream.


Today we’re hitting on 7 big reasons you can’t really wait too long to book your dream venue, vendors, and even your wedding planner.


We’re not trying to scare you here. But we are being brutally honest. The truth is we’re booked a few years out for many popular dates (and some you wouldn’t think are all that popular are also flying off our calendar too!)


So, if it’s true for us, it may be true for those venues and vendors you really want to work with. And so, it’s worth considering the cost of waiting too long to book them!

If You’ve Got A Dream Date In Mind, Waiting Too Long Makes It Harder To Get

A few years ago, 8/8/18 was a coveted date because of the symmetry in the numbers but some couples are going for more than even numbers. If you want to get married on your anniversary or another important or fun date, you’ll want to make sure you book soon.


Otherwise, it may not be available, or you’ll need to push your plans off for a year or two to get it.

Out of Town Guests And Traveling Family Members Need Notice Too

Securing a venue, vendors, and planner really puts your date in stone. And this is especially important for out-of-town family and friends who you really want to be there for the big day.


Be sure you’re giving them enough notice and making them feel the love by booking far enough out to be considerate of any travel plans they might have to make.

Your Favorite Vendors Book Further Ahead Than You Might Think

You want those one-of-a-kind pieces from that local vendor you found on The Knot or that cake from your favorite local baker. But what if they’re booked solid for the day you had in mind?


Planning ahead and booking your vendors makes sure this doesn’t happen to you. 

The Best Ceremony Locations and Reception Venues Are In High Demand

That chic beachside hotel or vintage-style colonial-style mansion may be popular. But you might never dream that they might be booked for your big day as well. It’s important to meet with your potential venues early, solidifying pricing and securing your date on their calendar.

And Even Your Best-Kept Secret Place May Not Be a Secret For Long

Even if your ideal location isn’t overly popular, you might run into issues when trying to book your date. Smaller or lesser-known locations can book up just as quickly as the bigger venues, if not faster. And unlike bigger venues (which might have other ballrooms or locations available), once they’re booked, they’re booked.

Some Things Take Time: Your Photographer, DJ, Band, and Other Vendors Need To Meet With You To Get Your Vision Just Right

We already mentioned that booking your venues and vendors for your particular date might be an issue if you wait too long. And that’s totally true.


But the other thing worth considering is that you also have a lot of planning to do and many things take more time than you think. You’ll want to meet with your photographer, band or DJ, and other vendors to discuss your vision and that means more than just the “paperwork signing” and “date reserving” meetings you might expect.


Since you won’t want to rush this often-enjoyable part of planning your wedding, you’ll want to book well ahead of time. It’ll make the whole process easier.

 And speaking of easier…

The Right Wedding Planner Will Book Up Quickly Too!

While you might be up for planning your wedding on your own, the right wedding planner can be the key to an easier, less stressful, wedding planning process.


And these awesome professionals book up just as quickly as the venues and vendors you want to work with.

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So now you know why you shouldn’t wait to book your venue, vendors, and wedding planner.

But where do you even start?

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