Our Little Maggie Is One In A Million

When you have a warehouse like our Magnolia Event Rentals location in Howell, you get pretty excited about your most unique pieces. After all, here at Magnolia, we specialize in having this expertly curated collection of classic pieces for a reason: We know that history, character, and personality bring a spectacular quality to the events we design. And that’s why so many of our clients come to us for creative and out-of-the-box ideas. We always love to brainstorm, design, and create distinctive visuals for our clients. We enjoy collaborating to understand their vision and helping to play matchmaker between that client vision and our expansive and exclusive collection. Our clients know to expect the finest and most delightful items when they visit us and the piece we’re highlighting today is just one of those items. Today we wanted to introduce you to Maggie, our one-of-a-kind mini golf cart. She’s kind of a big deal around here and we can’t wait to tell you why.

The Mini Golf Cart At The Heart Of Magnolia Event Rentals

When the idea for Magnolia Event Rentals began, we had no idea we’d have a mini golf cart sitting in our showroom but there she sits, right beside our fearless leader Stephanie’s desk, a shiny emblem of our promise to the clients we love: She’s vintage, timeless, and guaranteed to make a statement no matter what event she rolls into.  

Maggie is our stylish, rentable mini golf cart and far and away her greatest gift (at least as far as we’re concerned) is that she’s a time traveler. Well, not literally, but we feel like she has that ability in a way. You see, when clients meet Maggie, it is as though they are transported back in time while remaining here in the present. Maggie is timeless. She’s lovely. She’s truly comfy and, as you’ll find when you see her in our warehouse, Maggie is absolutely swoon-worthy.

From her comfy interior to her shiny deep green paint job, she is heaven on wheels and sure to bring smiles to the faces of all your favorite guests. More than that, she’s an original, and that’s a big deal to our clients who want to bring a special touch to their events and photos.

She’s On The Move

Not one to rest solely on her good looks, Maggie is also a hard-worker. She’s ready to get moving and is perfect for events where guests need to get from A to B in absolute and uncompromising style. If you’re not sure that getting her motor running will be the right move for your next event, we can always chat and help you decide. And if you’re concerned that our little gem won’t fit in the trunk of your truck or sedan, well, never fear because we’ll happily drop her off and pick her up too. (We’re always here to help!)

Parked And Pretty

If you don’t actually need to turn the key and motor off to any particular destination, Maggie can still light up a room at your next event. Maggie’s great at staying parked and pretty. We absolutely love when our team member Travis adorns our mini maven with lush and fine greenery and flowers. Whether it’s our signature magnolias, a demure set of sunflowers, or something a little different, we can help you bring Maggie and her flower crown to your next event. (I mean, can you imagine how stunning those photos would be? Divine.)

Making A Statement

As with anything, we know you might be loving Maggie’s style but maybe don’t know how she might help you achieve your visual dreams for the event you’re planning. Don’t worry, we’ve got some tried and true ideas for where you can take Maggie next:

Maggie would definitely make a classic addition to a prom or dance, even as a photo backdrop. She’d feel right at home at a sweet sixteen, thirtieth, fiftieth, or eightieth birthday. Honestly, our little lady loves a good party!  Maggie would be perfectly suited for the cocktail hour space at your wedding, as a focal point in the entryway of your engagement party. And she’d love to get outside and take in the open road(or driveway) at your outdoor venue. Finally, she’d be ecstatic to pose with you at your next photo shoot as well.

Golf Carts And Weddings Are Always A Perfect Match

What we’ve noticed is that, honestly, Maggie could go anywhere and shine. At the same time, she really does love weddings. Maybe it’s the idea of the start of an adventure, of having her take you off to a new place, to the new horizon of your life together. Or maybe it’s because she always seems to be so welcome at weddings and certain wedding venues in particular.

In fact, some locales require golf carts, rather than full-size cars or other vehicles, for navigating their property. So, Maggie’s an excellent choice for that sort of venue and she can definitely deliver. Even if you don’t need her to chauffeur you around, Maggie would still be an excellent fit for your “bride and groom” photos on location or in our palatial Howell warehouse.  A vintage cart in a vintage warehouse. That’s our most beloved serendipity at play, and we just love it!

Whether you decide to scoot around with Maggie on the green of your golf course venue or are ready to allow her to impress your guests in the entryway at your hall, Maggie can add an unparalleled sophistication and distinctly fun touch to your event or photo shoot.

One Last Thing About Maggie

As spring brings us one of the biggest event seasons of the year, we’re planning to share some awesome photos of Maggie on her big adventures, with her most lovely flowers, and with all of her new best friends (our clients, of course). So stay tuned to find out who she’s wearing and where she heading next. It’s a grand adventure every day at Magnolia event rentals and we’re ready to welcome you along for the ride.

Bringing Maggie With You Is Truly A Breeze

If you’re set to bring Maggie to your event this spring, drop us a line on our contact form here and we’ll connect!