It’s that time of year: The magnolias are in bloom, the weather is warming, and it seems like weddings and events are cropping up all over! Here at Magnolia Event Rentals, we could think of no better time to take a moment to introduce ourselves.

While you can learn a lot about who we are and what we do from the various pages of this website, we wanted to take time today to highlight some of the things our current or past clients tell us that they love about our services and space.

We know you’ll fall in love with our palatial warehouse in the same way others have, and we invite you to explore setting up your own appointment to visit our warehouse by completing our contact form here

In the meantime though, let’s dive in.

A Boutique Inventory With A Team That Treats You Like An Old Friend

Magnolia Event Rentals is home to a vast inventory in a spacious warehouse and yet each piece in our inventory is hand selected by our team.  When we find something we adore, we take great care in considering whether our clients would fall in love with it too. The result is a warehouse full of unique, vintage, and stunning pieces ready for their time in the spotlight at your next event.

Since we hand-select and curate our inventory, with attention to detail and knowledge of current trends and design wisdom, we’ve really defined ourselves as a unique destination for event rentals. And, we really consider ourselves a boutique: We know our stuff. Our pieces are amazing.  And you just won’t find our pieces in the inventories of other event rental companies.

The trouble though, with most places that would have you call them “boutiques” is the client experience. When you close your eyes (Don’t try that while reading this, of course!) and imagine the word “boutique” you might find you imagine a store where the air is just a bit thin, the service makes you feel like you might bother someone if you as a question, and if you do muster up the courage to ask that question, you may find the staff more than a little challenging to work with.

We’ve changed all that.

Our inventory is unlike any other. In one of our other April blogs, you’ll get to meet our aptly named mini-golf-cart, Maggie. She’s literally one of a kind and she’s not alone. From luxurious velvet trimmed sofas, to an ambiently-lit bank of post office boxes, to the most divine place settings you’ve laid your lovely eyes on, our pieces are truly extraordinary.

Our expert team is experienced and full of people who know their stuff. They’re helpful, informative, collaborative, and driven to make your event remarkable from start to finish. They’re also real people, kind, humorous (well, most of us at least…), and personable.

Our inventory definitely screams boutique, but our staff won’t be found screaming. We will welcome you with warmth, assist you with a knowledgeable but approachable kindness, and we will be helpful every step of the way.

We know that your next event means the world to you and that’s why it means so much to us as well.  We form relationships with our clients as we collaborate to create the experiences they’re dreaming of. We attend to every detail, clarify the process, relieve concerns, and have some fun along the way. Magnolia is our dream come true and we want your next event to be just that as well.

A client recently told us as she left, “I feel like I should hug you guys!” and, to be honest, we get that a lot. We want to help you make your vision of the perfect event a reality and we offer the inventory and personable team to make that happen.

Hand-Selected, Vintage Pieces That Are Truly “Of The Moment”

It seems that some people hear us mention that our inventory features vintage pieces and expect to walk into a dusty antique shop. When they instead find a white, modern, chic, and yet cozy warehouse in Howell, they just begin to glow.

For so many, the word “vintage” has come to mean burlap and dark wood, but for the team at Magnolia, we focus on vintage pieces that are still very of the moment. You can experience the history of a piece while enjoying the fact that this stunning vintage piece feels right at home in your event space. Vintage is not a term that keeps our team stuck in the past, it is what helps us stay creative, focused, and inspired as we select and curate the visuals for our client’s events.  It’s a feeling of luxury, comfort; of both familiarity and creativity.

When you step into our warehouse you will know this feeling immediately. And speaking of stepping into our warehouse…

An Event Curation Experience Unlike Any Other

We recently hosted a photo shoot for a local entrepreneur and her team. The clients arrived and their eyes simply lit up. They wandered around pointing smiling and admiring the multitude of pieces in our warehouse. We welcomed them, told them a bit about the space and assisted them with the careful curation of the visuals for the shoot. One of the ladies who was involved in the shoot reached out that evening to thank us because she felt that she could “kick off my shoes and be part of the art” and just enjoy your space. She felt the warmth and welcome and also loved the beauty of the pieces we’ve brought together in this space.

Magnolia is exactly that: an experience. We offer our clients a chance to curate the vision of their events and to create memories like none they’ve ever had before. There’s a glamorous feeling in feeling like your event has been designed just for you and there is a sense of comfort in feeling that you’re being tended to as if you were in someone’s home. Both of these things are possible whether our clients are in this space or we are bringing our inventory to their event venue.

We don’t simply supply carefully curated items, we design and deliver the experiences that will create memories of your event for years to come.

And that’s exactly why we can’t wait to meet you!

The Team At Magnolia welcomes you to learn more about what it would look like for us to collaborate on your next event here and connect with us to plan your very own visit to our boutique warehouse space by completing our contact form here