Welcome back to our month-long table talk!  This week we’re giving you some things to think about as we dive deep into all things table linens. If you’re feeling some “decision overload” just sit back, read through these ideas and fill out our contact form (linked at the end of this article). At Magnolia Event Rentals we’re all about sharing our knowledge and we are truly here to make sure you feel taken care of along the way.

So, about those table linens…


While formal events may call for a traditional white table cloth or a set of perfectly white napkins if your event space has warmer tones you might opt for an off-white color to reduce the contrast in the space. And if you’re ready to highlight your color scheme or highlight special elements in the space, you might choose to go with a pop of color in your napkins, runners, or table cloths.


There’s been a trend in recent years to use things like burlap, macramé, hand woven, or even up-cycled or repurposed materials as table linens. And we’re all for a unique touch when it comes to the table (we love vintage-inspired linens, ourselves).

At the same time, many of our clients want to know what their table linens should be made from and what makes a good quality fabric. Traditionally, most table linens are made of linen and cotton. They are typically the most absorbent and most enduring fabrics. They typically do require ironing but they tend to give tables a classic and elevated look.

If you’re looking for quality in your fabrics you’ll want to be on the lookout for Irish and Belgian linens and Egyptian or long-fiber cotton.

To Pattern (Or Not?)

Honestly, patterns can be a big deal for our clients. Some are confident that they want a clean, pattern-free look and others are not so sure. In general, our clients who are going for a more formal or elevated look for their table are going to opt for a solid or embroidered table linen style. Others might look for a damask or jacquard print where the pattern is actually woven into the fabric so that the pattern is elegantly incorporated into the pieces themselves. And don’t let that buzz word “damask” fool you: It’s often thought of as a super-heavy patterned fabric but we’ve seen it done beautifully on lighter weight fabrics, too.

Event Location And Seasonal Weather

The existing aesthetic, decorations, and “vibe” of your location space is also something to consider when planning your table linens. We love a good pastel or off-white linen for those garden parties and opt for bright colors in those sun-soaked or well-lit locations.

And don’t forget about the season and the weather. Our clients tend to go whiter, lighter, and brighter with their linens in the summer and cooler and heavier with their linens in the colder months.

Color Scheme And Event Mood

Speaking of pastels and deep hues, the color and mood you’ve selected for your event is a final consideration we’d suggest. While the formal or informal nature of your event is an obvious consideration for table linens, your personal style and the style of your event will also be evident in your table linen selections.

Whether you’re keeping things light and beachy, vintage and refined, glamorous and modern, or simple and elegant, you can select the linen type, color, and texture that speaks to the dream you’re making real at that table.

Still Got Some Questions? Bring Them To Our Table!

Whether you’re planning that black-tie gala or a backyard birthday bash you can count on our Magnolia Event Rentals Team to have you covered when it comes to table linens. Fill out our contact form and we’ll get you started on your way to the perfect table!