This month at Magnolia Event Rentals we’ll be diving into all things event table decor and design to give you some pointers and inspiration for your next event (Our Easiest Tip: Check us out when planning your next event!). Over the next few weeks, we’ll go over everything from texture, to florals, to table-setting etiquette (Emily Post would be proud!) and giving you some serious table envy with photos of some of our favorite curated table designs.  

This week we’re tackling texture and color. These two design elements can bring a room together and they can transform your table design as well. The Magnolia team has the expertise to design tables that make dreams come true and so we’re sharing 5 ways we use color and texture to do just that. Without further ado here are 5 things to consider when you’re dreaming up your unforgettable event’s table design.

Table Linens Can Change The Game

Silk, linen, palm, gingham, burlap, seersucker, matte, shining, woven, and the list goes on… Whatever your table linen texture of choice is, it will change the way your table looks instantly. Whether you’re going with wooden, hand-carved tables, or iron benches, what you put over them (or don’t) will give your guests a sense of how they should feel at your event. Are you using a runner over your table cloth? Are you placing just a runner on a vintage-inspired wood tabletop? Have you tied silk around your napkins to add a finishing touch? Have you opted to go without traditional linens at all?

The texture, color, and style you select for your table linens should be a reflection of the aesthetics of your event and you can say a whole lot without saying a word when you make decisions that reflect your event’s style and purpose.

How You Use Color Depends On Your Personal Style

Are you going for a classic style? Hitting the “vintage please” button? Ready to transport your guests to somewhere tropical? Looking to bring a little bit of the country to your next table? Or are you planning an elevated black-tie affair?

Whether your event is boho chic or just plain chic, the way you use color will reflect your personal style or at least the style of your event. 

Classic color patterns, white on white patterned napkins, gingham or burlap table runners, or antique candelabras will all send different messages to your guests and so it can be helpful to know the style you’re aiming for before you begin to pick out your tableware and linens.

When It Comes To Table Design, Don’t Forget That Patterns Pop!

You’ve seen it: The pattern mixing trend that was truly explosive a year or two ago. While you’re welcome to wear striped shorts and a polka dot top, we’d suggest that (when it comes to designing your next table at least) you keep your patterns purposeful. If you’ve decided to use a stripe or other pattern in your table design, we’d suggest using just one pattern because, as we noted above, patterns pop. A clean blue stripe on a napkin or table linen can lend a certain air to an event. That same blue stripe with bright yellow floral-print dishes and green matte charger may leave the table (and your guests) looking confused.

If you decide to make use of a pattern be sure to select one that goes with your event’s style and use it to make certain aspects of your table pop rather than overwhelm.

Glassware And Flatware Can Transform Your Table In No Time Flat.

Flatware and glassware are often simple accoutrements that lend a sense of sophistication to the table.

Whether you choose vintage-styled gold and clear glassware, copper chargers, antique-style white porcelain bowls, or bronze-finished cutlery, you’ll be making a statement and transforming your table all at once. Wooden chargers and copper cups send a different message than do china soup bowls and classic silver cutlery. There’s nothing flat about selecting flatware that speaks to your event’s purpose or your own personal style.

Selecting traditional silverware and clear glassware is fairly typical of most elevated events but more and more we’re seeing our clients change things up from time to time. And that’s perfectly fine with us!

You Don’t Need To Go Overboard  To Make A Statement.

There’s nothing wrong with a little opulence, but we always encourage our clients that they don’t need to pull out every trick in the book. While some people love a textured linen tablecloth with a runner and chargers and colorful glassware, you don’t need all of those elements to make a table swoon-worthy. One of the best parts of the work that we do here at Magnolia is helping our guests make their dreams and visions a reality and we love to make a statement when we do.

Selecting just the right amount of texture and color for your next table is also a matter of adding those personalized touches that make your event your own. That’s what makes the statement.

The Last Word On Texture And Color.

Now that we’ve got you thinking about how to bring texture to your next table set up, we’d love to hear from you.

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