We’ve been there: You’ve pinned all the things, saved all “The Knot” photos and you still have no idea what kind of table design is going to wow your guests and create lasting memories. Do you want those tall floral pieces, would a table runner look nice with that oak table? The decisions are endless, but here at Magnolia, we have your back.

The team at Magnolia Event Rentals is all about making sure your event is visually stunning. We bet you’ve always wanted to style your table beautifully but you’re not sure where to start. So, this week we’re serving you 3 ways to think about styling your table that will help you take the “I don’t know” out of designing the table for your next event. 

What’s On Your Dream Table, Really?

Last week we covered all things texture and color and we touched on things like chargers (what goes under your plates), bowls, flatware, glassware, napkins, runners, and table linens. This week we’re just encouraging you to explore. When you look at the things you’ve pinned on Pinterest or saved on “The Knot”, what shows up most often? 

Are you saving photos of white-linen-covered tables? Are you seeing photo after photo of runners with a pop of color? Do those vintage-style bowls keep calling your name? Give yourself a chance to play, pin, save, and make lists. Then tell our team what’s really on the table. We’re here to help!

Do You Want Centerpieces And Table Florals?

One of the biggest considerations our clients tell us about is how the center of their table will look. Can you talk through those floral pieces? Are candles too simple? What about adding unique conversation pieces and vintage touches to the center of the table instead of the typical flowers and candles?

While there’s no “right way” to style the center of your table, you will want to consider the shape of the table, the purpose of your event, and how long your guests will be at the table in order to decide how to style that center perfectly.

Are You Bringing Your Event’s Story To The Table?

While we love ourselves a finely styled and carefully curated table, we also love when our clients tell us their stories. Whether it’s a sweet sixteen for a girl who loves all things purple, a boho wedding for a barefoot bride and groom, a black-tie gala for an awesome cause, an engagement party for a couple who met on Coney Island, or a going-away party for the guy who’s all about that island life, your story can really make your event one of a kind when you put a piece of that story on your tables.

Here at Magnolia, we love to find creative ways to bring your vision to life and adding pieces of your story is just one way we can help your table make that statement, too. Let’s Design Your Dream Table.

What We Bring To The Table

Whether your dream table is full of color or accented by beautiful iron lanterns, the Team at Magnolia is ready to help you make your table design dreams come true. Fill out our contact form here and we’ll connect to do just that!