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We’re Bringing A Lot To The Table With This Special Event Table Design Blog Series And You’ll Be Upping Your Tablescape Game Because Of It

Here at Magnolia Event Rentals, we love to set the table for events. We know there’s more to it than a fork, knife, and subtly brilliant wine glass and we love to get creative with our tablescaping and table design.

We also know that you might be thinking “What in the world is table design or tablescaping?”

So you’ve never heard of tablescaping? Well, we bet you actually know a bit more than you think. Tablescaping or table design is a spiffy way of referring to how you arrange and decorate a table so that you provide guests and viewers with a particular feeling or experience. 

You’ve actually dabbled in tablescaping if you’ve ever hosted a dinner party and chose white petaled flowers over yellow so that they didn’t clash with your table runner or chose to use rose gold metal napkin rings to match your color scheme at a party.

The trick to special event tablescaping and table design is simple: Know the basics, learn the rules, and then break them beautifully as often as you’d like. That’s Where Magnolia Event Rentals Comes In…

And that’s what we’ll be offering you in our tablescape and table design blogs this month at Magnolia Event Rentals.

We always joke that tablescaping isn’t for everyone, so at the end of this blog, we’ve included a just-for-fun list of three people who should probably skip our series, just in case… But we doubt you fall into those categories.

Do you still need a little convincing? Not sure why you’d spend time reading about tables? Well, here’s five reasons to check out our upcoming Table Design Series.

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Reason 1: You’ll Learn How Color And Texture Can Transform A Table (And How To Do it Without Going Overboard To Make a Statement)

We’re going to explore how color and texture play a role in table design and special event tablescaping. We’ll also offer insight on how you can patterns, flatware, and glassware to show your personal style or highlight the mood and style of your event.

Reason 2: You’ll Be Well Versed in How To Design a Memorable  (and Instagramable) Tablescape That Your Guests Will Fall in Love With

We’ll explore what your dream table really looks like and give you some questions to ask if you’re just getting started.

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Reason 3: You’ll Be A Table Linen Expert Once You See How To Style Them To Suit Your Event Perfectly

From color to fabric, to season, to theme, we’re diving into the considerations that will help you select the perfect table linens for your next event.

Reason 4:  You’ll Get A Refresher On All Things “Table Setting Etiquette” So You Can Add Just The Right Level of Sophistication To Your Celebration

Got to impress the new in-laws or the elite out of towners? No problem at all. Whether you know a white wine glass from a red or not, we’re going to go over the formal and informal table setting basics so that your guests know you’re giving them an elevated event experience. 

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Reason 5: You’ll Find Out How To Use Phenomenal Florals and Finishing Touches To Elevate The Tables For Your Next Event

At Magnolia Event Rentals we fill our vintage-chic boutique rental space with items that are classic and of-the-moment. We love a great floral arbor and we aren’t afraid to bring everything from a mini-golfcart to a bank of post office boxes to an event with style. 

Our Table Design Series brings our Magnolia Event Rentals spirit to the table by offering you some phenomenal florals and finishing touches to take your tablescaping game to the next level and make your next event an unforgettable experience. 

The Three People Who Should Skip The Magnolia Event Rentals Table Design Series

While we think everyone would love our Table Design Series, we thought it would be fun to look at three people who should probably sit this one out. 

All in jest, of course.

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You Already Know Table Design, Where That White Wine Glass Goes, And When To Remove That Charger (And We’re Not Talking About The One For Your iPhone)

You’re a proud student of the Emily Post Institute and your knowledge of etiquette is so vast that you don’t need a review of how to set your table.

Unless, of course, you do. 

While you probably know where the fork goes, there are minute details that everyone needs a reminder about from time to time.

We’re taking a whole week to go into how to set a beautiful, etiquette-respecting table so that you can offer your guests a sophisticated and elevated dining experience whether its a formal or informal affair. 

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You Don’t Need Any Fresh Ideas About Table Design, Or Florals, Thanks.

“I’ve had the same ideas pinned on Pinterest for years and I don’t need to update it.” 

Said no one ever. 

If you’d rather stick with ideas that we’re posted five years ago, you’re probably going to want to avoid our blog series. The reason?

We’re bringing you of-the-moment and vintage-chic inspired florals and finishing touches that will spark your imagination and surprise you. 

Like bringing home new flowers from your favorite local florist, these ideas are flesh, delightful, and inspiring.

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You Hate Beautiful Things

If you don’t like lovely things.. You’re probably going to hate this Table Design Series. We’re bringing you stunning shots of tables that are straight out of real-life fairy tales.

Our resident photographer Kier Gluck has captured these sophisticated and elegant images so you can see exactly what we’re talking about when we say tablescape. Our table design photography in this series will inspire you to create your own dreamy designs and we’ll be here to help you do just that.


We’re willing to bet you don’t fall into those three groups but it was fun to play a bit as we get you ready for the Table Design series.

If you’d like our team of knowledgable creatives to create unforgettable tablescapes for your next event or you’d like to rent a few boutique vintage pieces to step up your table design game, you can fill out our contact form here.

We can’t wait to share this amazing series with you!
The Magnolia Event Rentals Team

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