“My Baby’s Engaged”  And You’re Ready To Shout It From The Rooftops! (Here’s What To Do First.) 

So you’ve just found out that you’re going to be the parent of the bride or groom. Congratulations are in order and you are a, no doubt, just a buzz with emotions. Whether you’re feeling excited, nervous, surprised, overwhelmed, or just giddy with joy, this quick overview is sure to have you ready to help you keep it all together and help your child (and their future partner) have the best day of their lives.

We’ve outlined a few things we think parents of the bride and groom should keep in mind once they hear the awesome news so let’s get right to it!

It’s Amazing News And You’ll Want To Share It. But…

Whether you knew the engagement was coming or not, you may be feeling so excited that you’re ready to call all the cousins, aunts, uncles, and friends from the neighborhood with the news of your child’s engagement. And who can blame you, it’s awesome!

At the same time, engagement announcements on social media are becoming more creative and important to those who use platforms like Facebook and Instagram. So, it’s usually a good call to talk to the newly engaged couple, or at least your child before you head to Facebook or start the phone, email, or group text chain. This gives them a chance to discuss how they want to announce their engagement to the world (or family and friends) and you can find out if you’re on the same page. This starts the whole adventure off with respect, love, and excitement!

Stress Isn’t Always Bad. And It’s Totally Normal.

No matter how excited you are for your son or daughter and their future partner, you might be feeling a bit of stress. And that’s perfectly okay. Expenses, wedding size, venues, planning, the tux, the dress, the flowers, even the heirlooms you want to pass down for the big day ( family heirlooms like  veils, toasting glasses, something blue, albums, and the like are very common gifts) might be parading through your mind right now. Take a moment, take a deep breath, and allow your self to write everything down. Just breathe through it, get it down on paper and give yourself a chance to be a bit stressed.

Once you’ve gotten everything down on paper you’ll probably want to get started on everything right away. We’d suggest something else first.

Inspiration And Planning Are Your New Best Friends When Helping With A Wedding (And So Is The Knot!)

Before you hit the ground running you’ll want to chat with your child, perhaps their partner, and get a sense of their plan. Many couples create an account on Pinterest and make private boards to share ideas. Keeping the boards private ensures that only people you want to know about the ideas can see them. You may want to make your own private boards to share with your child, their partner, and their partner’s family. Or you may just want to “Pin” away when you can to get ideas.

Couples also use a website called The Knot to explore wedding-related vendors, spaces, and the like. You may want to chat with your child or their partner about creating an account as this is one of the first things engaged couples tend to do as they begin the planning process.

When they’ve set up their Knot account you can find Magnolia Event Rentals Here!

Her Wedding Gown, His Tux, And Your Attire Are Going To Be Stunning!

Sometimes a bride or groom may invite their parent along to pick out a tux, gown, or other wedding outfits. Be sure you know how your child wants to handle the selection of their attire for the big day. Do they want you to come along? Offer input? Offer support? Help them decide?

You’ll also want to look your best that day, so be sure you know if there’s a particular color or color scheme your child and their partner would like the parents of the couple to wear. Often there’s a color they have in mind and you’ll want to know that before you head out hunting for the perfect ensemble for the day!

You’ve Got A Few Other Events To Look Forward To Before The Wedding

While the main event is, of course, the wedding itself, there are a few common events before the wedding that your son or daughter may want help or input on. It’s good to know if your child and their partner plan to have an engagement party. Some couples opt to hold one while others prefer to focus on the wedding itself.

It’s also helpful to know if you’ll be involved in planning and putting on the Bridal Shower. Traditionally the family of the bride or a maid of honor may be in charge of this, but even if you’re not dealing with a couple that follows tradition, you’re probably going to want to know who’s hosting this event.

Finally, while it’s typical that a groom’s family hosts and gives the toast at the rehearsal dinner, nothing is ever “set in stone” you may choose to be involved and it’s always great form to be in communication with others as the big day approaches. As you can tell from all of these events, communication, respect, and joy are standards to uphold. They ensure you’ll love this adventure every step of the way!

Don’t Forget About Event Decor and Florals!

When you talk to your son or daughter about their big day it’s always good to mention the Knot, to get a sense of their style, color scheme, and what their vision is for that day (Is it a laid back beach wedding, a vintage-inspired mansion wedding, a farmhouse boho-chic affair?). Once you know a bit more the team at Magnolia Event Rentals can help you find the pieces that best achieve the vision for that big day. Our spacious warehouse and talented team can help you and your child craft the visuals that will make your photos and memories last a lifetime.

If you’d like to schedule a visit to our palatial boutique vintage warehouse you can fill out the contact form here. We can’t wait to celebrate all of those amazing post-engagement events with you and your family.